Oh Snap! What is this place?
First Game

Ok so this is a brief synopsis of what has happened so far.

Things to note:
You all know each other or at the very least know of each other.
You are between the ages of 21-30.
Ben has dropped the game.
EVEYONE! Has at least average intelligence (Julia for crying out loud stop trying to lick everything!)
Yes you can have a drug dependency, however please note that this will hamper your character tremendously. I am strongly recommending that you do not gimp your character with drug problems. Arcadia does F-up thing to you to begin with no no need to add fuel to that fire!

So far you all have made it through the Hedge and into Arcadia.
You have not be changed thus far.
You have been invited into this big house (they knew you were coming.)
You have meet the Polchromatic girl named Apple. She lead you through the house onto this huge screened in porch and told you to wait there, while she when to go get someone.
Game session ended.

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